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Vacuum The Carpets With Your Feet!

December 20th 2006 07:03
Vacuum Shoes

Electrolux vacuums created a tasty pair of shoes that will not only have the retro fans drooling, they'll also clean your carpet.

That's right, the new Electrolux Vacuum shoes are still in testing phase, but reports say they'll be going to production soon.

What better way to clean the house than to strap on these foot gadgets and scoot along as you walk. Spill an ash tray? Just scuff it out.

Man I wish these bad boys were on the market now. Can I get them in blue?

Greedy Orblers

I should start off by saying that I believe this post may very well offend a couple of Orblers, and if that is the case then I apologize. I in no way mean for this post to be directed at any one person here on Orble and it is in no way personal. This post is merely my opinion on a form of "gaming", or cheating the system that seems to be rampant around here.

Secondly, I'm not moaning to get my own stories ranked well because I can do that on my own, and without using sneaky methods to keep them in the top ten.

All I wish to do is assert that there are some comment practices being used to game the system and it's as obvious as it gets that it's going on.

Let's get right to it...

I normally don't get in a fuss over petty things like this, but my being offended over it has now held me back from commenting on several posts that I felt were well worth commenting on simply because of the quality of the post. And it continues to happen.

Basically, I refuse to comment on a post where the author seems to think no one else will be bothered by their multiple comment posting, when only one comment is needed.

What I mean by this, and I'm not going to post any examples, is that a few Orble bloggers will reply to five or more comments using one comment per reply. This means that instead of the author using one post to reply to the recent comments, the author is posting one comment in response to each comment listed.

What does this do? Well, in short, it cheats the system and keeps a top ten post spot locked up and sealed off until the time period runs out and the "gamed" post falls off naturally.

Why? Simple. If a comment that you post on your blog is worth two votes, then why not give yourself 20 votes every time you need to reply on your blog right? I mean... who wants two votes when you could have 10 times that without anyone else's help?

In fact, I think Orble is the only place where I've seen this allowed. Multiple posting on forums like DigitalPoint and others will warn you for it and then ban you if it continues. Overall it's considered to be a very selfish practice and most online communities look down on this sort of thing.

Why does it bother ME so much? Because it means the system is not working on a level playing field. A post does not get to the top ten list because the readers want it to. No, the post is getting there because the AUTHOR wants it to. That in itself flies in the face of the community based structure that is taking the web by storm.

Now I'm not suggesting that those of you who do this are doing it just to beat everyone else off the top ten list, but it does raise questions as to how much concern you have for other posts that possibly deserve to be in that spot. It's also quite possible that some of you don't even realize what you're doing, but that doesn't change the fact.

Finally, it's logical to assume that this "back door" in the ranking system will eventually be exploited by money hungry web gurus who couldn't care less about you, me, and the credibility of Orble.

In my opinion, Orblers should begin looking down on this practice. I know, I know... it's an easier way to respond to all those different comments. But the fact remains that when you do this it games the system into thinking the post is better simply because it has more comments.

We've got some really good bloggers around here, some are even tech friends of mine here on Orble, and they can't seem to break the ice and get a post out there for all to see. I think we should be giving everyone a fair shake.

Gaming the system, whether you mean to or not, simply isn't cool.


EDIT: Please know that I'm looking at this from a technical standpoint. I hope you'll understand that people see things from different viewpoints. With this post, I'm just saying that I notice something that I'm sure future Orblers will notice as well.

Also, as Jon points out below, this isn't necessarily about multiple posts being a bad thing, because they aren't. In fact, you should be able to comment all you want. But if this is going to be allowed then perhaps the voting system could be tweaked so it doesn't change the outcome of the post rank.

This is simply my opinion. Nothing more.


Is Technorati Broken?

December 6th 2006 21:52

I would almost be willing to bet a months worth of income that Technorati is having some serious issues maintaining the growth of the blogosphere and the size of its index.

I REALLY hate to have to post this kind of thing, but enough is enough. I've come to the rescue for Technorati MANY times in the past. I fought for them in my blogs when the whole Strumpette debacle came about and I even defended them in some fairly heated comment wars that were talked about all over the Internet. With that being said, I don't feel like my back is being scratched in return. AT ALL!

So what's the scoop? Well, in short, Technorati can't seem to get anything right in any of my accounts. about a week ago I logged into one of my accounts and found that a blog which I post to daily had not been checked by Technorati for a good 10 days. I found this to be quite disconcerting, but the more blogs I checked, the more of this I found.

First, let me say that I'm certain I have the right code snippets in all the right places. I even check my logs to make sure that my blogs are indeed pinging Technorati every time I make a post. Having been blogging for several years now, as well as using Technorati within these blogs, I'm certain I've done everything right on my end. But the fact remains that Technorati is only listening to about 20% of my pings. The rest go completely ignored unless I manually ping the blogs using Technorati's account ping page.

Then, once my posts are indexed into Technorati they simply don't show up for tags I use and do show up for completely irrelevant tags. What gives?

On top of that, this morning I had issues claiming a blog. I added the code into the sidebar and clicked "release the spiders" only to find that Technorati couldn't locate the code, or the blog for that matter. I contacted support and was told to use the other methods of claiming a blog.

Try #2. I then scrapped the way I normally claim blogs and opted for the login option. I supplied Technorati with my Wordpress login and password, hit submit, and was instantly told my user namd and password were incorrect. Option 2 failed.

The third and final option is a pain in the butt. You have to actually post a link to your profile within a blog post. This new blog is about Christmas so a Technorati profile post sticks out like a sore thumb, but I had to do it.

I made the fake post and explained to my readers why it is there, only to find that Technorati couldn't locate the post.

Are you kidding me?

Technorati can't help me claim my blog, can't ping new posts, can't index posts properly, can't read tags properly, doesn't really like replying to e-mails.

What the heck happened to Technorati?

Do you blog too much?

December 4th 2006 02:40

Britney Spears Ad

Britney Spears and her recent rampage of obscenity seems to be gaining ground in about every realm of the internet as of late. It all began with her sluttiness getting the better of her in a decision to give paparazzi a few snaps of her pantyless crotch. It was a move that will probably drag her down into a pit of rehab and media bashing, but one that also has internet advertisers chomping at the bits

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Weekly Orble Tech Digest :: December 2

December 2nd 2006 20:39
Weekly Orble Tech Digest

I'm a day late this week, but I always believed the whole "better late than never" mantra... so here goes

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Yahoo to Google: Stuff It!

December 2nd 2006 19:12
Yahoo and Google

Google likes to step on toes. The leading search engine has been known some time now as the new "evil" company, and a recent attempt to bitch slap Yahoo, Amazon, and Microsoft leaves little room for question on the level of evil the company portrays

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Myspace and Google Holding Hands Now?

December 1st 2006 18:07
Google Myspace

I try to convince myself not to be surprised when Google does something new and big, but it never works. I find I'm constantly dropping my jaw over decisions the search giant makes. It never ceases to amaze me

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A few years ago a link in the human edited DMOZ web directory meant you had a much better shot at ranking top 3 for big keywords, but those days are long gone and the debate on DMOZ links is still going strong

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